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We provide career and corporate training solutions that empower your success in all markets. Learn Windows 10, Windows Server, Advanced Windows methods such as Windows Registry, and Diagnostics. We focus on your demands, needs, and success and we provide online training that can fit into any budget. We offer programming classes such as ASP.NET, PHP, MVC, Windows Development, C#, and Visual Basic.


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Windows Classes - Understanding the concepts:

Exploring the desktop, tasks bars, and navigating. Creating new shortcuts, voice commands, Applications, Settings and Configuration, Bluetooth, Creating Shortcuts, Loading new applications, Battery life, Volume controls, Notifications, Start Menu, Hidden Features, the Control Panel, Desktop Wall Paper, advanced displays, power options, Event Viewer, Programs and Features, File Explorer, Hardware and Device Management and much more.

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Windows Advanced - Understanding the concepts:

System diagnostics, registry, command line, embedding software that starts automatically, anti-virus, malware prevention, Remote Desktop, Advanced File management, streamlining processes to memory, Environment configurations, Video Graphics Enhancements, Repairing problems that occur, Windows-to-Windows Repair sessions, Network Connection Management, Disk Management and much more.

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Windows Servers - Understanding the concepts:

Managing servers for corporations take a lot of patience and understanding of technologies. Servers run multiple processes in the corporate environment, which sometimes makes it difficult to manage. Some servers even run over 100 websites, and more then 50 processes running as Services in the background of Windows. Understanding how to manage these processes and diagnosing issues are sometimes some of the hardest things to figure out in a corporation. In this lesson I am going to walk you thru these essentials such as managing SQL Server, SSIS packages, IIS background processes, Windows Services, Scheduling tasks, Web Server structures, database structures and much more.

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Programming - Understanding the concepts:

Programming is a key value in corporations, and is a world-wide language that everyone can share. All programming languages require a tentative mind-set, innovations, and a creative thinker. Understanding these concepts will provide you the ability to program in C-Sharp, Visual Studio Development, PHP, HTML-5, ASP.NET, and many other web and application languages. I am going to guide you thru how to create applications from start to finish. We are going to build multiple Windows applications, Web Applications, HTML-5 Applications, and provide walk-thrus on how to perform step-by-step processes.

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Microsoft Office - Understanding the concepts:

Microsoft Office is an application used world-wide that allows users to create, share, and publish documents. You can create spreadsheets with Excel to manage your business, finances, even a server-side database. It comes packed with tools such as Microsoft Word that can give you the ability to write entire books with templates and pre-filled content to give you an edge in the market. Microsoft Access Database comes packed with tools on manages small local databases for personal use or business use including Visual Basic for Applications. We are going to guide you thru creation from start to finish on all of these Microsoft products.

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Web Marketing - Understanding the concepts:

Web Marketing is used to promote businesses to over a million customers a day. It's used daily by top corporations in order to stay on-top of the world market. We are going to learn how to write articles, news prints, streamline a business to a million customers a day, and utilize YouTube, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Twitter, Instagram, and other markets.

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Network Administration - Understanding the concepts:

Learn the tools to keep your company safe across the entire network such as securing your local intranet sites thru Active Directory, and understanding the basic concepts of how the network works. This course will guide you thru DNS structures, local domains, purchasing domains, and configuring them to keep your company safe. We will discuss firewalls, routers, switches, hubs, and other hardware devices.

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Graphics Designer - Understanding the concepts:

Becoming a graphics designer takes a lot of talent and innovate thinking. Creating graphics that are stunning to individuals, and doing it under a low budget is sometimes hard to achieve. In this course I will show you how to create graphics for low costs, provide quick layouts to your customers, and stream line images with tools such as Photoshop. I can guide you thru simple things such as the image wand, creating stunning art, and more.

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Video Editing - Understanding the concepts:

Stun your audience with these video editing tips and course on how to do some amazing cuts. Learn basic concepts of creating videos that fly off the screen to your audience. We are going to go thru snap shots, creating videos, adding all of the video cuts together, and understanding how to make full videos that can be used anywhere.

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